Our local Wanaka team of electricians have worked on some of Wanaka’s most ambitious electrical projects over the last twenty years. We’ve brought with us what we bring to every building or electrical job: an open mind, pragmatic solutions, attention to detail, and a little bit of genius.

We’re also still working for many of our very first residential, commercial and industrial clients two decades later, as electricians as well as in offering home automation solutions, setting up hydro power systems and even gate automation. All of our electricians are local to Wanaka, with families and solid positive ties to the community.

Meet our electricians:


Paul started Lahood Electrical in Wanaka over 20 years ago. Over this time he has had a hand in some of the most exciting electrical projects this town has seen – domestic, commercial and industrial electrician services featuring new homes, automation, security, solar, hydro and so much more.


Dan has been with us for over 14 years now and looks after many of our key clients. He has a solid electrical background  and is famous for staying calm and collected when the pressure is on.

Clifton is a great asset to our team and adds good problem solving skills with a wealth of experience in electric motors, drives and control circuitry as well as High voltage network experience for our commercial clients.

Lahood Electrical Wanaka electricians